The Principles of Yoga

How to look at the world upside down

We are going to show you how to reverse aging effects, and increase life through yoga practices, as well as teach you how to improve your overall health.

When one reverses yoga, he must make sense of the turning points. To make sense of the turning points one will gravitate in the direction of the sixth reversal workouts.

Yogin philosophers came up with the notion that if one reverses his or her action that this one could live longer and happier. Considering gravity alone can help you appreciate how reversal yoga works. For instance, our thoughts may gravitate, which the seriousness of what we gravitate toward (Worry, Doubt, Fear, Stress, etc) presents serious consequence, such as that of serious behaviors. At this state, the mind is controlled by emotions, which become heavy from its negativity. The quality of one’s life starts to diminish.

As the emotions soar, the mind fills with hidden implications that bury self in the subconscious mind. Thus, the mind starts to play tricks. At this point one could fall prey of making a commitment or admission. (Now you see where drunkenness, drugs, etc, come into play) The gravity of the mind is powerful and can either destroy or heal the soul. When one carries a full load, something has to give. Yoga gives us the option of tearing down the walls that trap the mind and body.

As you see from in the punch line, aging, poor health, and shorten lifespan is the goal for those who do not take control over the body and mind. To start however, one must learn to master breathing, control the body, and gain energy.

Reversal Yoga:
Reversal yoga is the process of changing into an opposite direction. The brain requires fresh blood to eliminate stress, fatigue, etc. When one turns his or her self upside down, thus lymph and blood travels new cells along the paths to the brain, which bam, you have refreshed energy.

My philosophy is “Don’t just stand there, bust a move.” Of course, MC Hammer is the artist of this title, yet it plays a part in all areas of our life. In one does not put forth action, one cannot expect rewards.

Now we act on our words:
Yoga helps us through the process of reversal by elevating the legs, placing them on a chair. In summary, you back will rest on the floor, arms out straight and your legs rested in a chair. Yogi and Yogini, begins: Sit on a flat surface, such as the floor. At first sit in a basic cross-leg arrangement and face the chair. Lean back onto the floor, resting with your forearms supporting you on the floor:

Next, glide the buttocks parallel to the floor and move the buttocks in the direction of the chair. Continue until your buttocks are at the edge of the chair.

In position, exhale and lift the feet. The notion is to place the feet in place, which includes your calves and heels, thus making sure they rest on the seat of your chair. Your knees should be as close to the edge of the seat as feasible. Now, lie back. Rest your back on the floor and place your arms at your side. The palms should be resting on the floor. You can start counting to ten at this point, relax, and repeat the procedure again if you like. As you practice the reversal method, make sure that you focus on your breathing, and the parts of your body you put in place.